Business Owner Helps Other Businesses and Increases Own Traffic

News | Aug 9, 2011

A Promotional Product News article written by Beth Wade from Community Impact News organization in Texas tells of Cindy Gonzalez, a business owner who learned that her compassion in helping other businesses grow increased her own traffic.

Cindy started her embroidery business 10 years ago providing artwork to trade shows. Her biggest problem back then was that her business did not get a lot of walk-in traffic. In 2006, a promotional product news piece inspired her to become more connected to the community using her town's Chamber of Commerce and from there she began connecting with other local businesses. From these contacts, she started the networking group, B3 Network, ""a community of individuals interested in learning and sharing their knowledge to help each other's businesses,"" whose goal is to connect and help people. Her network has increased her sales threefold and her clients now include school districts and other local establishments.

Networking in any form or fashion always has the potential to increase your client base. Finding a way to network and help other businesses at the same time as Cindy has managed to do, is an absolute plus. The gratitude and potential loyalty gained from helping a struggling business survive is intangible, and most likely would provide any business with a long-time customer. Printa Systems knows this, and by providing unmatched excellence in our products, and providing great customer service, we hope to help our customers' businesses grow and succeed, too.