Award-Winning Promotional Products Innovator Offers Home Based Business Solutions

Press | May 22, 2013

Kirkland, WA May 22, 2013 – Printa Systems, Inc.,, is proud to offer home based business opportunities in the expanding world of promotional products. Having led the way in developing compact, breakthrough pad printing and screen printing equipment for the industry, Printa Systems also brings its technology and expertise to the public for business start-ups.

The Kirkland company has helped businesses around the globe implement its pad printing and screen printing solutions to reduce outsourcing and increase profits. Printa's home based business program is responding to the growing population of people who want to work for themselves. Providing everything from equipment training to marketing support, the program is designed to help the young entrepreneur market and manufacture mouse pads and custom printed USB drives to his tech-industry buddies, to enable the stay-at-home mom to produce jerseys for her kids little league teams, and to help the couple hungry for a change, supply water bottles and t-shirts for their community's next charity run.

"Individuals and couples are showing a greater interest than ever in starting a business," said Duke Goss, CEO of Printa Systems. "More and more people are coming to us eager to establish a company, whether full-time or for supplemental income. It is essential in today's economy for people to find some financial independence for themselves.

"We've created our equipment and support systems for running a promotional products and apparel business because it's ideal for professionals who want to work from home and have flexibility. The time and financial investment is much lower than what is involved in starting a franchise, and this is a solid industry that continues to grow."

Printa Systems has been a pioneer in the design of compact, easy to use decorating technology for the past twenty years. The company has created and patented multiple silk-screening, pad printing and heat transfer systems used by leading suppliers of custom-decorated promotional products and apparel. With Printa's equipment, training and support, businesses have been able to print the bulk of their products, from clothing to mugs, in-house and maintain a consistent level of quality.

Training and marketing support are key features of Printa's services for business start-ups. Known for delivering the most comprehensive and personalized training in the industry, Printa will bring clients to its facility to learn about the technology, the products and the industry and work on the systems with the guidance of experts. Along with training, the Partner Plus Program will aid clients on an on-going basis to develop ideas, identify target markets and provide promotional collateral.

"Many people are motivated to start a business, but they don't want to feel like they're completely on their own," said Cynthia "Mo" Goss, Printa Systems President. "What is great about our start-up business solution is that it exposes participants to people who can offer them invaluable support right from the start. At the on-site training, clients network with a variety of new-business owners from other regions and begin to establish professional relationships. And, they have the continual guidance from the staff at Printa to help them develop and execute ideas."

Printa Systems Inc. is the pioneer in designing cutting-edge technology for promotional products. The company has been helping businesses – from the small home based businesses to large corporate operations -- utilize its patented compact, professional systems to reduce costs and increase quality and profits for more than 20 years. But, it's the company’s dedication to providing its clients with all the needed tools -- from training to marketing guidance -- that has led them to repeatedly recognize Printa's level of service as the best in the business. For more information, please visit