Atwater, CA Business Finds a More Efficient Screen Printing Business Model With Printa Systems

Screen Printing | Jul 7, 2011

A Paradigm Shift Increases Revenue – Sometimes the standard operating procedure just doesn't produce the same results as it once did, and sometimes the necessary change happens by accident. We at Printa Systems would like to tell you about one particular customer of ours where this very scenario occurred.

Our Atwater, CA client runs a large clothing manufacturer. The business has been struggling, so the client wanted to move all of the printing in-house to save on production costs. We recommended the 770 series 6 color deluxe for all of their screen printing needs. The 770 series offered all of the amenities for which the client was looking: ease of use, lifetime warranty and a fast pace. The client needed to produce over 100 images per hour. Printa's recommendation fit exactly what the Atwater clothier was seeking, but our screen printer gave the client an idea.

With the ability to make shorter, custom runs of prints, the client has now taken a whole different tack to their production. The shorter runs reduce the amount of unsold clothes, consequently reducing loss of revenue. Since there is less waste, more clothes can be printed with different images, thus increasing overall profit. Smaller amounts of a more diverse line of clothing is exactly what our clients business needed to break out of the slump that they were in. We at Printa are so excited about our Atwater clients new business model because their success is our success.