An Outdoor Adventure with the Printa 770 Screen Printing System

Home Based Business Opportunity | Jan 8, 2013

An Outdoor Adventure with the Printa 770 Screen Printing System

Each day Printa Systems helps launch new screen printing and promotional printing businesses throughout the US. We have many successful clients that we call friends in every state. Our new customers often choose to start with a full shop package which include the Printa 990 pad printers, 770 screen printers and our 550 heat press products. Many of customers launch their new enterprise with all the printing services that our full product line provides, while others choose to start their venture with pad printing or screen printing and grow from there.

For a couple of teachers who loved the outdoors and had just moved back to Whitefish Montana the plan was simple. Get started at home with a screen printing business and eventually grow into a storefront shop providing a full line of services encompassing garment printing, custom decorating and providing branded promotional products. The screen printing system the teachers choose to launch their new home based business with was the Printa 770 screen printing system. The 770 is compact, easy to use and is designed to fulfill the demand for high-quality, multi-colored screen-printing with maximum ease and efficiency.  The 770 met the couples space and production requirements so they got started with Printa and began their adventure.

To build their garment printing business they fulfilled their first goal by landing the garment printing business of the local school district and local sports group. Working closely with Printa business consultant Jamie Clay, they identified additional markets to pursue that were accessible in the Whitefish area. Jamie researched the hunting and fishing industry, identifying local tour guides and outfitters that serviced the area and promoted the idea of calling and visiting these local businesses. Their efforts to go after outdoor outfitters proved successful. These outfitter clients benefited from the couples design and production expertise which allowed them to provide a quality line of branded apparel for resale to locals and tourists.

Our Whitefish friends recently purchased an embroidery business with a storefront and are taking delivery on a Printa 550 heat press for sublimation products . We wish them continued success and growth! At Printa we stay with you long after the sale with the technical support and marketing advise you need to win. Check out our full line of custom printing systems to start your outdoor (or indoor) adventure.