Add Profits to Your Screen Printing Business With Printa’s Athletic Numbering System!

Dye Sublimation | Nov 13, 2012

Silk screening team sports apparel for schools, leagues and clubs is a big part of many t-shirt printers businesses and Printa's Athletic Numbering System makes it quick and easy to print numbers on uniforms.

Athletic printing is one of the largest segments of the screen printing industry. Printing numbers on team jerseys, t-shirts and uniforms can be a huge profit center but research shows that most screen printers don't have and effective method to print numbers. Stencils can be clumsy to work with and stand alone inline numbering systems take a lot of space and can be expensive.
Printa Systems went to work and came up with the solution … the 770 Series Athletic Numbering System! Numbering is fast and easy with this patented key frame athletic numbering system. Using a master or key frame, which fits on any manual screen printing press, a numbered screen is dropped into the key frame and the number is printed. Pins on the bar of the key frame allow a printer to put each number in perfect register every time. The outside pins are used for double-digit numbers, the inside pins are used for the number 11. A center pin is used to center single-digit numbers. 
There are 10 solid-color number screens and 10 outline number screens. Because numbers do not have to be stocked, this eliminates running out of a number. Pre-imaged numbers are available in 4-, 6-, 8- inch and 10-inch sizes in both one and two color options to accommodate a wide variety of team sports.
The 770 Series Athletic Numbering System is an affordable solution to professionally print numbers with ease and consistency and add profits to your business. 

Printa Systems offers complete solutions for companies interested in adding textile screen printing, pad printing, cylindrical printing and dye-sublimation heat transfer equipment to their new or existing business. 

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