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Joy J. Clark

Poncho Promotions Louisville, KY

I have been in the ad specialty business almost 15 years. This experience and knowing what the problems are in the industry with respect to minimums, freight, spec samples in a timely manner, creative and custom design, etc….I've been looking for a close or local supplier to fit these exact needs to accommodate my customers and the whole time I've been searching … it's been me I've been looking for!

I really don't care for the term "ad specialty". Totally makes me feel like I'm selling product just like every other promotions company .. out of a catalogue. No offense to anyone, just saying …I'm no cookie cutter! I want to set myself apart from my competitors, of course, but I also want to be creative, complete problem solving, and set my customers apart from their competitors.

I may not be saying anything here that no one hasn't thought of already or isn't already doing … this is just my testimony of where I am now after purchasing a cylindrical screen printer from Printa.

My 80%/20%. 80% learning, making honest mistakes … not expensive ones, taking short cuts which cost me time, printing and delivering. 20% selling. Scary! More money going out than coming in. Through determination and listening to my tech support within Printa, getting the noise out of my head, my 80%/20% is now my 80% selling and successful production to 20% set up.

Painfully spending money to get my "set up" efficient has been key to my ratio reversing. I was sending eps or pdf files to Fed Ex/Kinko's to print transparencies and I would have them print 2 up so that I could double them in order to get as close to a super black opaque print as possible. Sometimes I had a successful screen and most the time I did not. I have purchased a necessary printer and AccuRip software. What a difference! One or two orders will pay for this expense, but due to good, clean film positives .. 80% selling, 20% set up.

In our industry, with in-house pad printing or cylindrical printing capabilities, creative design ideas, it's easy to become a "boutique" ad agency (this is just me). Create artwork and a pre-production sample for a customer that they never would have thought of otherwise … go figure!

I am now pretty comfortable and efficient with my cylindrical printing. I printed 108 grappa glasses, actually cordials because real grappas are very expensive at cost, but due to problem solving, I introduced a cordial to my customer. A very nice and elegant 4 oz. wine glass for their dessert wines. The screen turned out wonderfully. I prepared set up, alignment, and my ink. I printed one, cured and tested. Ready to go! I lined up 36 on a tray. Took me 5 minutes to print and 12 or so curing at 365 degrees. While the first batch was curing, I began unloading another case, cleaning the glasses off and flooding the screen. I repeated this step 3 times. Printed in under an hour.

One more, then I'll let you go! I had a customer call to ask if I could print on beer growlers. Growlers are much longer than the screens are wide. I wasn't sure, as I expressed to my customer, but said I will take a look and if I'm unable, I will give them enough notice to determine a plan B.

There are so many ways to alter positions and angles with the cylindrical. Here's what I did to accommodate the printing of the growler. I used the metal rod that the mandrels (I've actually renamed to Barbaras … get it? Barbara Mandrel … anyway) are stacked on. That piece fit inside the second notch and the other end placed in the mouth of the growler while the wheels adjusted on the longer rod one notch below to fit the bottom of the jar. It fit up against the screen frame fine, and with the adjustment of the squeegee, the ink transferred great!

I've attached images of both the grappa glasses and beer growlers!

This is an art!! Print something and go sell it!

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