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Michell Witzel

Mixed Threads & Promotions, Inc.


I began working on starting my own business in February of 2004 but I didn't actually open until October of 2004. Between February and October, I told everyone what I was doing. Before I knew it, I had people waiting on me to open shop. One of the customers had a lot of screen printing needs. As soon as my equipment arrived, she sent me the artwork; a scanned shirt (which was not very clean), that appeared to have 16 colors. That is when the challenge began. Having just received my Printa 770 series and having not gone to training yet, I was soon in a panic. Here this customer had waited on me for 6 months and I was faced with what appeared to be an impossible screen printing job as my first job! After spending countless hours trying to recreate the artwork, I called on Printa. I talk to Ben and Victor extensively on the phone concerning the artwork and it was determined it was a 4 color process job. I scheduled training for January of 2005 and insisted that the customer send me some better artwork, rather than a scanned in shirt, which I took with me to training. Ben and Victor confirmed what I dreaded I was going to hear: it was indeed a 4 color process job. Having not even used my Printa 770 series yet, they knew it would be an impossible job for me to complete alone. Instead of allowing me to fail and understanding what it meant to me to deliver an impossible job for a customer which had now waited on me for 8 months, they helped me succeed. Ben worked on the artwork for me and made the screens. Once he had them right, I purchased them and he shipped them to me. I finally completed the job for the customer and delivered what I thought was the impossible and would have been if it hadn't been for all the wonderful people at Printa that came through for me. I have since received 4 additional orders from that customer. I learned a lot through this experience; first make sure I receive good art work. Second, not to take on more than I can chew. Last but not least, when in doubt, bounce my doubts off my friends at Printa before committing to a job.

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