Growing Your Business

Tired of outsourcing and giving profits away? If you are subcontracting your screen printing, pad printing or dye sublimation transfers, we have a solution. We offer world-class turnkey printing systems to expand your existing decorating business. Eliminate the frustration of mistakes, late orders and unanswered phone calls by doing the process in-house. You can take your business to the next level and have happy customers while controlling your quality, lead-time and increasing your margins. Call us to get started!

Wouldn’t you love to say “goodbye” to outsourcing and “hello” to more profit?

Most people outsource their screen printing, pad printing and dye sublimation transfers because of limitations in time, cash and space. At Printa Systems, we understand your demands as a busy decorator. We know how important your business is. When adding new equipment, you need to have the fastest and easiest way get up and running. To meet your specific needs, we have designed the most quality compact and easy to use printing systems available with very low investment cost. We include everything you need to get you started and keep you going. Every system includes hands on training, unlimited support, product sourcing and our exclusive lifetime warranty. Our mission is your success so that you can effortlessly expand your existing business and better serve your customers.

Printa Lifetime Warranty