770 Features


The key to quick set-up & big profits

Reduce Set-up by 90%

Dual Function Exposure Unit
Provides artwork set-up light table with pin registration. Automatically switches to UV light for onboard exposure eliminating costly post registration time. Patent Pending.

  • Integral pin alignment feature guarantees exact registration of color separations.
  • Cool white light for visual alignment of multiple film registration. 
  • Ultra violet light source for emulsion / capillary film exposure (burn). 
  • Screen arm alignment receptacle - self lubricating glides secure cradle arm into precisely correct alignment position. 
  • Exposure light pressure switch activates for exposure burn only when screen is lowered in place to the table surface. 
  • Digitally controlled timer makes screen exposure foolproof.  Master power on/off switch.

Screen Alignment System
The exclusive screen alignment system is the second key to easy and accurate screen set-up. Precision tapered screen pins and tapered clamp portals allow you to expose the screen onboard, rinse and replace with exact registration. Patent Pending.

  • Precision engineered heat treated aluminum castings each machined in a 4 axis CNC format for exact exposure and printing accuracy.
  • Screen to platen angle control.
  • Micro adjust knobs. Smooth all directional adjustment.
  • Pivoting screen clamps and knobs.
  • Tapered screen pins nest into clamp portal for precision re-alignment and registration.
  • Micro-adjust registration locks.
  • Over center screen arm tensioning springs.
  • Off contact height adjustment handles.

Onboard Drying Cabinet

Light tight chamber efficiently dries four screens using circulating heat from the system. Easily stores up to six screen and the exposure unit.

Curing Unit

The curing unit is an onboard flash cure. It can be used for final cure and includes an audible notification of proper cure time. This eliminates guesswork and ensures professional results.

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