770 Deluxe

770 Deluxe

Printa 770 Series Deluxe Screen Printing System

Four color, four station

Expand your printing capabilities with the Deluxe system. With four print stations, flash cure stand and added options, this system increases your productivity and opens new market opportunities. Prints up to 60 prints per hour.


SYSTEMS FROM: $8,490 - $9,490


The Printa 770 Deluxe System Includes:

770 Four Color - Four Station
Allows you to print up to four colors at one time, saving you time and increasing your production.
Patented Dual Pin Registration with Micro-Adjust Registration
The exclusive screen alignment system is the second key to easy and accurate screen setup.
Onboard Exposure Unit
Pin alignment guarantees exact registration, while the cool white light assists in visual alignment.
Curing Unit
Onboard flash curing unit includes audible notification to eliminate guesswork.
Built in Drying Cabinet
Drying cabinet allows four screens to dry efficiently and provides storage for up to six screens and the exposure unit.
8" Athletic Numbering System
Exclusive pin registration system for team sports jerseys, signage and more.
Print~All System
An interchangeable platen system designed to allow you to easily print: shirt pockets, shirt sleeves (long and short), shorts, pant legs, bags, baseball caps, and other specialty items!
Flash Cure Stand
Provides an alternate source for timed radiant heat and will increase productivity by at least 50%.
Deluxe Supply Package*
The Deluxe Supply Package gives you everything you need to get started. See below for more details.
Unlimited Toll-Free Technical Support
We will help you over the phone or on the web to make sure you succeed.
Hands-on Training at Printa Systems
Training includes computer graphics recommendations, equipment setup, screen or plate preparation, exposing art work, printing techniques, clean up procedures, blank product sourcing, marketing finished products, systems, supplies and applications.
Exclusive Lifetime Warranty
Our lifetime warranty guarantees that your Printa Systems are free of defects and any faulty parts and/or equipment will be repaired or replaced for as long as you own the product.

*Deluxe Supply Package includes:
  • (4) Medium Platen Board, (14" x 14")
  • (1) Large Platen Board, (16" x 16")
  • (12) Screens (4) - 110 mesh, (4) - 160 mesh
  • (8) Squeegees (4) - 11", (2) - 14", (2) - 6"
  • (6) Quarts Plastisol Ink (Black, White, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow)
  • (40) Sheets Capillary Film
  • (4) Pre-Punched Mylar Carrier Sheets
  • (1) Quart Degreaser
  • (1) Quart Emulsion Stripper
  • (1) Quart Ink Remover
  • (1) Quart Dehazer
  • (1) Pint Platen Adhesive
  • (1) 4 oz. Mesh Abrader
  • (1) 4 oz. Mesh Prep w/ Pad
  • (1) 1 oz. Block Out
  • (2) Scrub Pads w/ Holder
  • (1) Roll Split Liner Tape
  • (25) Test Squares
  • (10) Sheets (11" x 17") Ink-Jet Film
  • (1) Platen Template
  • (1) Platen Paper, (25 yards)
  • (1) Washout Spray Attachment
  • (1) Infrared Laser Heat Gun
  • (1) Drying Cabinet Shroud
  • Technical Training CD-ROM
  • Technical Training Manual

NOTE: For 6-color option, add (2) - 160 Mesh Screens and (2) - extra Mylar Carrier Sheets & (2) - 11" Squeegees

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