990 Gold

990 Gold

990 Gold Series Pad Printing System

Manual Pad Printer and Cylindrical Screen Printer Printer

The Gold System is fully configurable for pad or cylindrical screen printing. This system includes the 990 Series Pad Printer and the Cylindrical Screen Printer add-on. A quick conversion allows you to go from pad printing to cylindrical screen printing a wrapped image on products such as coffee mugs and sport bottles.

The Printa 990 Gold System Includes:

990 Series Pad Printer
Prints on glass, metal, plastics, ceramics, acrylic and more.
Cylindrical Screen Printer Add-On
Allows you to easily print on cylindrical products.
Exposure Unit
UV exposure unit with digital display.
Cylindrical Screen Print Supply Package*
The Gold Series Supply Package gives you everything you need to get started. See below for more details.
Training CD-Rom & Technical Manual
The instructional CD-ROM and technical manual can help guide you through setup and operation of your 990 System.
Blank Product Sourcing
We will help you get started finding sources for blank products so you can get started.
Unlimited Toll-Free Technical Support
We will help you over the phone or on the web to make sure you succeed.
Hands-on Training at Printa Systems
Training includes computer graphics recommendations, equipment setup, screen or plate preparation, exposing art work, printing techniques, clean up procedures, blank product sourcing, marketing finished products, systems, supplies and applications.
Exclusive Lifetime Warranty
Our lifetime warranty guarantees that your Printa Systems are free of defects and any faulty parts and/or equipment will be repaired or replaced for as long as you own the product.

*990 Series Pad Printer Supply Package includes:

  • (40) Printing Plates
  • (1) Digital Gram Scale
  • (7) Ink Colors (Black, White, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Gold)
  • (1) SE Ink Hardener (8 oz.)
  • (1) Medium Thinner (16 oz.)
  • (1) VR Hardener (8 oz.)
  • (1) VR Thinner (16 oz.)
  • (4) Transfer Pads
  • (3) Doctor Blades
  • (1) Fixture Putty (8 oz.)
  • (1) Putty Catalyst (8 oz.)
  • (1) Glass / Mug Fixture
  • (20) Mixing Sticks
  • (20) Mixing Cups
  • (40) Laser Film Sheets
  • (2) Screen Tint
  • (40) Laser Film Sheets
  • (2) Screen Tint
  • (40) Tray Liners
  • (2) Squirt Bottles

In addition to the 990 Series Supply Package to the left, the 990 Gold System includes:

  • (1) 9 1/8" Screen Frame
  • (1) 10" Screen Frame
  • (6) 9 1/8" x 6" Pop-Out Screens
  • (6) 10" x 6" Pop-Out Screens
  • (20) Capillary Film
  • (1) Mandrel Kit
  • (1) Taper Wheel Assembly
  • (1) 24" Double Bevel Squeegee
  • (1) Abrader (8 oz.)
  • (2) Abrader Pads
  • (1) Screen Prep (16 oz.)
  • (1) Emulsion Remover (16 oz.)
  • (1) Super Retarder (16 oz.)
  • (1) Wash Out Attachment

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