550 Pro II

550 Pro II

550 Series Pro II Heat Transfer System

Expand your capabilities with the 550 Series Pro II System to include larger format sublimation printing and mugs.

The Printa 550 Series PRO II Includes:

16" x 20" Digital Tunnel Press
Adjustable temperature tunnel press completes up to 40 prints per hour.
Digital Mug Press
Mug press with digital temperature display makes mug printing easy.
Epson 1400 Printer with Sawgrass Quick Connect Sublijet IQ Ink System
Prints 8.5” x 13” designs and Produces full-color photographic-quality images.
Sublimation Transfer Paper
100 Sheets 8.5" x 11"
100 Sheets 11" x 17"
Protective Release Sheet
Temperature-resistant release sheet.
Heat Tape
One roll of heat resistant tape.
Harvey Head Cleaner CD
Designed to prevent clogged heads in inkjet printers.
Sublimation Support Package*
The 550 Series Supply Package gives you everything you need to get started. See below for more details.
Pro II Blank Product Sample Pack*
The Pro II Blank Product Sample Pack gives you everything you need to get started. See below for more information.
Training class at Printa Systems
Training includes computer graphics recommendations, equipment setup, screen or plate preparation, exposing art work, printing techniques, clean up procedures, blank product sourcing, marketing finished products, systems, supplies and applications.
Unlimited Toll-Free Technical Support
We will help you over the phone or on the web to make sure you succeed.
Exclusive Lifetime Warranty
Our lifetime warranty guarantees that your Printa Systems are free of defects and any faulty parts and/or equipment will be repaired or replaced for as long as you own the product.

Sublimation Support Package

*Included in ALL 500 Series Pro Packages:

  • Sublimation Target Marketing Base Module
  • Designs For You Volume 2
  • Designs Program CD Showroom Catalog
  • Unisub FR Plastic Starter Kit
  • Includes an assortment of sublimation blanks

Blank Product Sample Pack


  • (1) Sublimation Support Package
  • (12) 11 oz. White Sublimation Mugs
  • (6) 6" Sublimation Tiles
  • (6) 4" Sublimation Tiles
  • (12) 7.5" x 8.5" Mouse Pads
  • Unisub Wood Products Starter Kit:
    • Clock kits
    • Clipboards
    • Dry Erase Boards
    • Plaques
    • Coasters

Digital Dye Sublimation

Digital dye sublimation involves a heat sensitive sublimation dye, which is dissolved into a liquid to print graphics on to special inkjet paper. Under intense heat and pressure in a heat transfer press, the solid dyes in the ink on the paper go straight to a gas form and when cooled, become part...

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Dye Sublimation Products

The look and feel of dye sublimation products is much more professional than vinyl or other plastic-type graphics. The nature of dye sublimation is that under intense heat and pressure, the inks that make up the design actually become part of the printed item itself. That is why if you run your...

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