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Printa Systems Omni~Cure Infrared / Convection Dryer

No matter how quickly you screen print, your products still need drying time. Our dryers get the job done... fast!

Omni~Cure - for use with both the 770 and 990 Series

Cure apparel and three dimensional products with one versatile oven. This oven has three functional applications: it can be used as a standard infrared dryer to cure garments, it functions as a recirculating convection oven to cure three dimensional products and it can be used with the infrared heat and the recirculating air to cure nylon jackets, lycra and other delicate products. The moving air keeps any one spot from overheating. The Omni~Cure Dryer features triple wall construction and has a 5' by 18" belt. One of the dryer's unique features is a larger opening measuring 19" by 8" to accommodate taller items. This digitally heat controlled oven also offers variable speed, forward and reverse direction, as well as, variable air control.  view dryer details

770 Series IC - Infrared Conveyor Dryer

770 Series Conveyor Dryer is a uniquely designed radiant heat conveyor dryer for curing screen-printed textiles such as t-shirts, sweat shirts and more. The infrared heating elements and the doors are height adjustable. The 18" wide X 5' long Release Sheet mesh belt speed is also adjustable up to 34 feet per minute through the 28" chamber. The unit can be configured with a 1800 watt, 110 V heating element or a 3000 watt, 220 V element. All this provides an exceptional range of curing options in a compact and economical unit. view dryer details

Also available as 24" wide belt X 8' long

990 Series CC - Convection Curing Conveyor Dryer

With convection airflow for even heat distribution, this convection curing conveyor dryer recirculates heated air for maximum efficiency. An on-board digital readout displays the set temperature and the oven's current temperature which ca be set up to 400 degrees F in one degree increments. With a variable speed conveyor, the conveyor belt speed control permits belt speed to be set from 0 to 40 fpm. The conveyor belt is long lasting and features High Temp Release Sheet. The unit can be configured as a 110 V, 50/60 Hz 20 AMP or 220 V, 50/60 Hz 10 AMP. view dryer details

For All Dryers:

One year for all electronics: timer, switches, internal wiring, fan.
3 years on 770 I/C, 880 C/O & Flash Cure heating elements.
Lifetime for all non-moving and main body parts.
Parts and labor for items under warranty.

770 IC Conveyor Dryer

770 IC

Printa 770 Series IC - Infrared Convection Dryer

880 IC Conveyor Dryer

880 IC

Printa 880 Series IC - Infrared Convection Dryer

990 CC Curing Oven

990 CC

Printa 990 Series CC-Convection Curing Conveyor Oven


Omni Cure

Omni Cure

Printa Omni-Cure Infrared / Convection Dryer / Oven

Printa Lifetime Warranty