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The New York Times Reports on the Power of Promotional Products

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Printa Systems found this latest promotional product news through MP Mueller of the New York Times. Mueller relates the story of looking through his grandparent's estate and finding a rather unusual letter opener.  read more


Westport Local Business Promotion Touches the General Public

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The Westport News organization writes an interesting promotional product news article illustrating how a good-hearted deed helps a local business present their company to the public.  read more


Printa Systems Help Retired Connecticut Prison Guard Create Successful Business

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A corrections officer in Connecticut, our customer, used Printa systems products extensively as part of his job. It was natural that he contact us when he needed to earn some extra income in his retirement.  read more


International Competitor Printa Systems Helps Ghanaian Entrepreneur Jump-start Screen Printing Business

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Facing a myriad number of obstacles to starting a business in a third world environment, Abu-Sam remained optimistic and persistent in his desire to open a successful custom tee-shirt screen printing store. At first, he had troubles getting enough clients...  read more


Printa Systems Helps Arkansas Man Create a New Screen Printing Business and Extra Income

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Recently, a nuclear engineer in Dardanelle, Arkansas made a decision to look for a start-up business he could operate to create revenue through his slow season in the winter months. Living in a small town, he was searching for a business idea that could f...  read more


Printa Systems Helps a Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic Small Business Expand

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Building a Bigger Repertoire and Customer Base - Sometimes a business can be run well and produce a quality product, but show very little growth. Printa Systems aims to deliver business owners tools to improve efficiency and promote expansion. One particu...  read more


Cedartown, Georgia Business Converts to In-House Printing: Increases Profit Margin Thanks to Printa Systems

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At Printa Systems we take our exceptionally engineered equipment and combine it with a support network that has been refined over the years. We use detailed hands-on training, unlimited technical support and unparalleled customer service to aid the home-b...  read more


San Francisco clothing business watches profits skyrocket with Printa Systems solution

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For an entrepreneurial self-owned business in San Francisco, California, the situation was bleak. Customers were complaining about the quality and the wait time on their clothing and active wear, which had to be ordered from an outside company. When quali...  read more


Atwater, CA Business Finds a More Efficient Screen Printing Business Model With Printa Systems

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A Paradigm Shift Increases Revenue - Sometimes the standard operating procedure just doesn't produce the same results as it once did, and sometimes the necessary change happens by accident. We at Printa Systems would like to tell you about one particular ...  read more


St. James, MO Store Owners Profit With Printa Systems 770 Series Screen Printing Machine

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Recently, owners of a footwear business in St. James, Missouri decided to go in a new direction and start making clothing that appealed to the college students and college football fans in their city. They knew that the college community provided a large ...  read more

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